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Studio Gregorio

We design special custom made solutions for motor sports, such as our leather helmet bags.

Our entry line is: Linea Arancione 

This line will give you a limited choice in leather colours  and stitching.

Our next is: Linea Rosso.

Linea Rosso is a line that will give you the opportunity to choose more colours as well as leather textures.

Our final line: Linea Nero

Choosing for Linea Nero will offer you even more variety in colours for inside lining as well as the stitching (like diamond stitching).  

We can deliver all our bags with logos embossed.  

We take great pride in our clients' loyalty and trust, doing all our best to prove that they have made the right decision. This is not only visible in our products, but in every step of the way. 

For 15 years we have been making high quality leather items and will continue doing so.

Next to our regular collection we offer à la carte personalisation.
Please contact us for detailed information.